Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The first three books in the 'Adventures in Wild Space' series
The first three books in the ‘Adventures in Wild Space’ series

From Egmont Books comes Adventures in Wild Space, a series of books for younger readers set in the beloved Star Wars galaxy. Taking place in the dark times following the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire (ie, between Episodes III and IV), the series follows plucky youngsters Lina and Milo Graf as they escape into uncharted space following the abduction of their parents by the cruel Imperial Captain Korda.

Aimed at readers aged 7-11, the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space novels feature action-packed, thrilling space stories crammed with memorable characters and gripping adventures. Alternating with fellow author Cavan Scott, I’ve penned book 2 in the series, The Nest, book 4 The Dark and book 6 The Rescue.

Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – The NestHere’s the official synopsis for The Nest: ‘When the parents of Milo and Lina Graf are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the children must undertake a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue them – and to discover hope for the future. In this second full-length adventure, Milo and Lina trace their latest clue to a remote jungle world – where a terrifying beast lies in wait…’




And here’s the official back-cover blurb for The Dark: ‘In this fourth full-length adventure, Milo and Lina find themselves adrift in a starship that is spiralling towards disaster. A dangerous criminal is on the loose, the Empire is closing in – and something even deadlier awaits them in the darkness …’



Star Wars the rescue cover

The series comes to its thrilling conclusion in The Rescue, as Milo and Lina discover that their parents Auric and Rhyssa are being held prisoner on Agaris, a mysterious world deep in Wild Space. Arriving in a stolen Imperial transport, the kids must effect a daring rescue under the nose of the Empire’s most feared military commander, the Grand Moff Tarkin himself. With new aliens, deadly battles and action on a grander scale than ever before, this is an epic finale to the Adventures in Wild Space series.