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Bit of a broad question, but it reminded me of this enjoyable piece I helped write for @TimeOutFilm a couple of years back... Best B&W films from the colour era.…

@JaneCaseyAuthor And it looks like a hypodermic needle shooting straight into Morden. (Mill Hill East is the plunger)

test Twitter Media - @JaneCaseyAuthor And it looks like a hypodermic needle shooting straight into Morden.

(Mill Hill East is the plunger)

The Daily Mail continues to attack NHS staff at every opportunity But GP practices are actually working flat out and delivered an astonishing 27.9 million appointments last month, including over 15 million face-to-face GP bashing helps no one and needs to stop - RT if you agree Retweeted by Tom Huddleston

@tinycharlotte72 @rickburin 'The public get given what they get given'? We're not morons, and people don't pay for stuff they don't want to see. And yes, huge numbers of people did go 'you know what would be really great...' They're called comic book fans (I'm not one, incidentally).

Ah this is super cool, @FatherSonGalaxy! Can't wait for your thoughts on the rest of the series.…

@tinycharlotte72 @rickburin I think it might be a golden age of giving the public what they want.

@tinycharlotte72 @rickburin But surely the money goes into the pot from people going to see these films which are enormously successful.

@tinycharlotte72 @rickburin But there are literally hundreds of films released into cinemas every year. (admittedly I do live in London so I'm spoiled)

@rickburin (I realise that I may just be a massive sucker)

@rickburin But sequels and spinoffs have been the multiplex norm since the 80s, and in some senses earlier. New voices have always found a way in. Marvel just do what they do really well, and for me that's a pleasure. Yes it's product, but they seem to take actual joy in what they make.

@rickburin AC/DC have basically made the same album over and over again for 40 years - who cares, it's a great album.

@alanfrightfest I also like the use of 'Sunday next'

Hands up who still prefers the Lynch

@daveyjenkins How long until the inevitable reboot of Mind Your Language?

@iucounu What else do you expect from a Hunger Games villain?

COMPLETE THE TRILOGY! The thrilling, action-packed conclusion to the FLOODWORLD series, STORMTIDE comes out on Sept 30 and is now available for pre-order on Kindle (with paperback pre-orders to follow soon). Find out more:… @DKWLitAgency Retweeted by Tom Huddleston