The FloodWorld trilogy

An epic and imaginative adventure series set in a flooded city of the future

The FloodWorld books are action-packed stories for readers 9 and up, set in a future world ravaged by the effects of climate change. They’re available online and in all good bookshops now.

FloodWorld follows the adventures of Kara and Joe, two young adventurers who spend their days navigating the perilous waterways of a sunken city, scratching out a living in the ruins. But when they come into possession of a mysterious map, they find themselves in a world of trouble. Suddenly everyone’s after them: gangsters, cops and ruthless Mariner pirates in their hi-tech submarines. The two children must find a way to fight back before it’s too late…

FloodWorld has received 5-star reviews on GoodReads, on Amazon and on numerous children’s book blogs. The Scotsman called it ‘an action packed and gripping read,’ while Time Out London said ‘this fast-paced futuristic adventure story set in a sunken, post-climate change London feels like a blockbuster movie in waiting.

Picking up where FloodWorld left off, the sequel DustRoad tells the story of Kara and Joe’s adventures across the blasted deserts of North America, where an army is on the march. Led by a band of sinister brothers, they’re determined to confront and destroy their sworn enemies, the Mariners. With the future of civilisation at stake, can Kara and Joe make it across an entire continent in time to stop the war?

In their rave review, bloggers Read It Daddy described DustRoad as ‘Another truly amazing, rivetting and addictive slice of dystopian fiction from an author who is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ for darkly tinged and utterly essential middle grade sci fi.

The final book in the trilogy, StormTide brings matters to an epic conclusion. In the ocean depths lies a deadly secret: an ancient machine with the power to wipe out all life on earth. Sailing at the head of a mighty armada, the Mariner terrorist Cortez will stop at nothing to get his hands on it.Racing to the rescue are a ragtag band of heroes in a fleet of battered ships.But as the waters rise, storms rage and tidal waves sweep the planet, will Kara, Joe and their intrepid allies get there in time to stop the apocalypse?