To misquote ‘Goodfellas’, as far back as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. I got my first typewriter for my 7th birthday, and have been hard at work ever since. At first I wrote stories about my teddies going into space, or long-nosed tree-snakes named Larry. These days its a tad more sophisticated, but the general idea is the same: I tell stories that excite me about characters I love. I write the sorts of books I want to read: fantastical adventures packed with peril and action, set in vivid worlds that come alive on the page.

My first book ‘The Future King: The Waking World‘ came out in 2014, followed by ‘The Nest‘, part of the ‘Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space’ series, in 2016. I’m now working on a number of projects including a new ‘Star Wars‘ book, a futuristic adventure story called ‘The Mariners‘ and a super-secret project that I can’t talk about yet. If you’d like to know more, drop me a line.