GetFileAttachmentTom Huddleston is an author, film journalist and musician based in Stoke Newington in East London. He lives in a top-floor flat with his partner Rosie and their ever-expanding family of dust mites. His prize possessions include an original ‘Star Wars’ storyboard depicting the Falcon flying under Yavin (see pic), some early-edition Mervyn Peake art books, a gorgeous Guild acoustic guitar and a log signed by the Log Lady.

Tom was born in Kendal in 1976, when it was still in the county of Westmoreland. He grew up all over Yorkshire, attending primary school in Threshfield in the Dales, secondary school in York and university in Sheffield.


FKThese ancient landscapes inspired his first novel ‘The Waking World‘, a fantastical adventure for younger readers. Inspired by the ancient legends of King Arthur, it’s an action-packed tale of magic, mystery, friendship and betrayal set in a strange but somehow familiar world. Released in late 2013, it is the first instalment in the ‘Future King’ series. The second book, ‘The World Below’, is awaiting publication.

He’s also putting the finishing touches to ‘The Mariners‘, a thrilling new futuristic adventure aimed somewhere between ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. You can read the first two chapters on Tom’s Wattpad page.


Star Wars the rescue coverTom’s latest writing project is a new series from Egmont Books and Lucasfilm entitled ‘Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space’. Set in the period following the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire, but before the founding of the Rebellion (ie, between ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ cartoon series), the books follow young Lina and Milo Graf, who flee into uncharted space after their parents are abducted by Imperial forces.

Tom wrote the second book in the series, ‘The Nest’, in which the children take shelter on a mysterious jungle world and  come face to face with a terrifying monster. He also penned book four, ‘The Dark‘, in which our heroes find themselves marooned on an out-of-control spaceship in some very unpleasant company. The sixth book ‘The Rescue‘ caps off the series on spectacular fashion, as Milo and Lina must confront the mighty Grand Moff Tarkin himself in an effort to rescue their parents from the evil Empire.


TO_2213_1_CMYKTom also works on the Film desk at Time Out magazine, a publication with a proud history of film writing. He reviews the latest movies, puts together the weekly events guide, interviews the occasional celebrity and writes ridiculous online lists of everything from the Top 50 Star Wars Characters to the 10 Best Yorkshire Movies.

His favourite interviewees include directors David Lynch, Steven Spielberg and Richard Stanley, music legends Neil Young and Ray Davies, and actors Bill Murray, Michelle Williams, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lawrence and of course the endlessly charming Tom Hiddleston.


314810_10151117612045803_1252215308_nIn his spare time, Tom sings and plays occasional guitar in a cosmic, droney folk-rock group called The No Sorrows. He also writes the songs. Their first album is available now – you can listen to it now on Spotify, and order vinyl copies online from Norman Records, or by emailing directly via the Contacts page.

Tom helps out with the annual Stoke Newington Literary Festival, where he hosts their very popular Game of Thrones Pub Quiz. He also chaired a discussion on dystopian literature, and has joined panels on writing for young people at festivals including the SNLF and the London Book Fair. He loves speaking in front of an audience, and has presented numerous live Star Wars events for kids and families along with fellow Star Wars author Cavan Scott and part-wookiee illustrator JAKe.

Tom is also part of the team behind the annual Twin Peaks UK Festival, a weekend event where Peaks geeks can get together and watch episodes, eat donuts and enjoy Q&A sessions with members of the original cast, hosted by Tom.


If you have any questions for Tom about books, films, music or anything else, feel free to get in touch through the Contact page.