b&w headshotI’m Tom Huddleston and I’m an author, film journalist and occasionally a musician. My first novel ‘The Waking World‘ was published in 2013 by David Fickling Books, and is the first instalment in the Future King fantasy adventure series for young adult readers. My new book ‘The Rescue‘, part of the official ‘Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space‘ series, is in shops now, where you can also pick up my earlier ‘Star Wars’ novels ‘The Nest‘ and ‘The Dark‘.

I worked on the Film desk at Time Out magazine in London, where I cover everything from ‘Star Wars‘ and Marvel movies to foreign films and indies. In my 9 years at the magazine I interviewed some amazing people, including Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, David Lynch and Neil Young.

The similarity between my name and that of a certain popular British thespian continues to confuse people the world over. The other Tom and I have discussed it, and we both agree that it’s the Hiddlestons who are spelling it wrong.

In my spare time, I sing in a noisy folk-rock group called The No Sorrows. Our first album is now available to listen to on Spotify, or you can order it on vinyl via Norman Records, or email me directly via the Contacts page. In the meantime, find us on Facebook for details of upcoming gigs and new releases.

I also help out with the annual Stoke Newington Literary Festival, hosting their popular Game of Thrones Pub Quiz. I’ve joined panel discussions on writing for younger readers at the SNLF and the London Book Fair, and presented numerous live Star Wars events along with fellow authors Cavan Scott and JAKe. And I’m part of the team behind the annual Twin Peaks UK Festival, hosting conversation with actors from the cult TV show.

I’m currently represented by Ella Khan of Diamond Kahn and Woods Literary Agency – drop her a line if you have any inquiries about freelance work or future publications.

Or if you have any questions about my books, my film writing, personal appearances, the No Sorrows or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop me a line through the Contact page.

Almost all of the photography on this website is by the fabulously talented polymath Drew Worthley. Check out more of his pics, music and words here.

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